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    Focus 633

    This is a 21-day program designed to help you seek first the Kingdom in practical ways. Each day you will experience a mini-devotional and an invitation will be extended to go deeper with the Father, Abba. It is facilitated in such a way to help you draw closer to God, seek his kingdom (His ways of doing things and yielding to His rule), better know His character, etc. It is about cultivating intimacy with our Father and making Him a priority daily. Quite often we forget to seek the Kingdom first (Matthew 6:33), however, Jesus said that when we seek the Kingdom first, our needs will be met. This program is designed to facilitate that!

  • 6 Modules

    My Confident Livestream 5-Day Challenge

    Join us for the My Confident Livestream 5-Day Challenge! Gain instant access as soon as you register. It will be fun. It will challenge you and bring livestream breakthrough!! Increase your confidence in going live in just FIVE days! | Avoid mistakes that cause your viewers to disconnect! | You'll discover three major No-No's when it comes to livestreaming... making these mistakes may cause great discomfort to your viewers!

    You will also receive instant access to a list of resources, a downloadable livestream checklist, and more. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and register now if you want to discover how to release heaven through livestreaming.

    This 5-Day Challenge is brought to you by Christina Kimball and Building You Up Publishing. When registering for this challenge use the same email address you are registered with here on Release Heaven.